Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Some more elves

Hi all,
just thought I'd post up some pictures of my slowly expanding high elves for WFB (3rd edition). I'm still working on the background but basically this army is going to represent a small sea elf kingdom on the shores of the elven isle. Most of the population are sea elves while the royal family are high elves. The kingdoms army is split in three main parts the royal forces commanded by the king (green and white livery), the forces of the coast warden (blue and white livery) who patrol/guard the coast against raiders and the forces of Tor-lothen (red and white livery) the kingdoms only major city and a trading port. On top of that are the kith militia made up of trades-elves during times of war.
right on to the pictures
Top- we have the coast warden himself the model is a late nineties early noughties GW high elf hero from my bits box.
Middle - A wizard made from a 1985 vintage GW elf standard bearer with the standard chopped off and replaced with a plastic cannon ball to make a staff.

Bottom - a unit of Kindred made up of lesser/minor members of the royal household. These miniatures are from Ral-parthas elf line good value for money at around six models for a fiver.
Cheers Jon


  1. These look great. I sometimes forget how impressive a painted army looks. I'm always dwelling on one figue at a time.

    Have you look at Mantic's elves? They seem fairly comparable to GW high elves

  2. These are really nice. I found a PDF of the WHFB 3rd edition. Are there army books for that edition?

  3. Steven,
    thanks. I like the Mantic dwarves and undead but the elves don't do it for me they are also rather small by all accounts.

    Yes 3rd edition had one army book that covered all armies,allies and mercenary contigents in one book. Cheack out e-bay foer Warhammer armies I picked my copy up for pennies.