Sunday, 29 August 2010

More Elves - Merchant company

Just finished off another unit of GW 1985 vintage elves for my WFB 3rd edition high elf army. These guys are merchant company soldiers and fight in mixed formations half with spear half with bow. As the retainers of a powerful merchant lord they are well equipped with armour and weapons.
The back rank had to be converted to carry spears buy removing the swords, drilling the hands and inserting plastic spears left over from my Warlord games Celt army. the standard bearer was converted the same way but given a longer steel rod instead of a spear. The unit leader was given a plastic feather plume from my bits box to mark him out from the ranks.
Finally we have the elven merchant lord himself another 85 era GW elf, still working on a name for him but painted up quite well.
Going for a short break in Cardiff for the next couple of days with the family, which should re-charge my painting batteries ready to break the back of my high elf host in the next couple of weeks.
Cheers Jon

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  1. Great work Jon. I am terribly jealous of your old models. I've discovered a nostalgic fondness for these and I never had any as a kid!