Wednesday, 11 August 2010

undead army in five days - part 2

Right stage one complete, that all went pretty well. The Mantic miniatures are mostly in two-three parts (lower body, upper body and head). A few on each sprue are a little more complicated with a separate arm and weapon. They go together fine with normal poly-cement. All in all I'm impressed.
Next job on the list will be to texture all the bases with sand and PVA before priming with a spray primer, then I can start the proper painting on Friday.



  1. hey those ghouls look quite good. is this for a WFB army or are you giving the mantic ruleset a crack?

  2. W00t! DO IT! I am also assembling an undead army... though not in five days and not just mantic although there are a lot of mantic in it. I am looking forward to these posts!

  3. Steven,
    yes WFB. 3rd edition though, I've dug out all my old third edition stuff including siege and mighty empires. I'm having a bit of a nostaliga trip really trying to recapture the gaming of my youth!