Thursday, 2 September 2010

Up coming projects

Spent my couple of days away mentally reviewing my collection and projects I'd like to do.
Two of my 40k armies sold on Flea-bay while I was away, the others aren't shifting though. I'll probably re-list them and if they don't sell I'll just keep them for now.
In the mean time the high elves are around half done. I still have 10 archers, a bolt thrower, a prince and a unit of cavalry to finish (the cavalry have been started however). I also need to buy a unit of 16 Kith swordsmen to finish the army but I'm still looking for some figure I like at the moment.

For the undead I'm scratch building a war beast based on a plastic dinosaur skeleton I picked up of e-bay. When Mantic release their zombies I'll invest in some plus some extra skeletons for summon skeleton spells. I still need to find some good reapers (skeletons with scythes) too.
I'm also going to put together a pirate crew for Legends of the High Seas to give my some time opponent Jim a few games down the club. I picked up 22 foundry pirates off E-bay for a tenner. There in various states of painting/undercoating and already mounted on washers. Hopefully they will give me everything I need and will make a nice (and quick) little side project
Lastly are the Aztec frogs of doom. I always wanted a Slann army in my youth but never did get one. These days in WFB Slann armies are mostly Lizardmen. Back in 3rd edition though Slann armies were made of Slann warriors not just one fat frog on a throne. The main problem is early GW Slann are oop so your reduced to E-bay to pick them up and that can get pricey. Luckily the Slann army list has a few none Slann options. Basically if I box clever and get creative I think I can create a nice Slann army for 3rd edition. However as I'm relying on E-bay to pick up some of the miniatures for this, I think this project will be more of a long term slow but sure type of deal. The guy at the top is a test figure, one of a handful of Slann I've already picked up from e-bay.
Cheers Jon

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