Sunday, 19 August 2012

Two armies in nine days - the Spanish

Right here is the (roughly) 1000pts of Christan Spanish for the late 11th century we have

2 units of 8 Knights

2 units of 20 peones

1 unit of 8 skirmishers

1 General

All the miniatures apart from the skirmishers are plastics from Conquest games Norman range with some added tassels and turbans from greenstuff for a more Spanish look, the bare heads also had greenstuff added to get rid of the Norman style short haircuts. I swapped a few shields out with some metal shields from my Berber miniatures as well.

The skirmishers are from Crusader Miniatures El Cid range and have been used as they come.

I painted each unit with it's own two colours colour scheme. No historical justification for that I just like the way it looks.

I want to add some extra units when time and money allow m ore skirmishers and some archers are a must and some Spanish jinetes would be good to.

Cheers Jon

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  1. They look great. Those plastic infantry by conquest look decent in the flesh