Saturday, 18 August 2012

Two armies in nine days - part 8

Ok two days to go. So far I've managed to paint, dip, base and varnish 16 cavalry and 84 infantry. I have the last 60 Moorish infantry to do these figures have now been cleaned up, based and primed. Today's task is to get them block painted and their bases covered in sand ready for dipping first thing tomorrow. Tomorrow evening (neatly giving me the afternoon to give the house a tidy and mow the lawn) after the dip has dried I can finish the bases and anti shine the miniatures - Jobs a good'un....

A few more pictures of the miniatures finished so far I promise I'll take some much better pictures when the project is finished. It seems taking photos first thing in the morning while clutching a mug of precious caffeine in one hand under a dodge house light bulb doesn't equal great photos .....who knew.

Cheers Jon

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  1. The Moors are superb..really.

    Fancy a game?