Friday, 10 August 2012

Two armies in nine - days part 1

Ok the wife and kids leave to go to her mothers tomorrow afternoon so project El Cid is go. I've cheated a bit as I've already assembled the Conquest Games Normans (both infantry and cavalry) and used some Green Stuff to add a a few turbans and tassels to give them a more Spanish look. I've also started cleaning up and gluing on the shields to the MDS metal Moors though with a hundred of them it's slow going.

Sadly I still haven't got my extra bits from Gripping Beast and Northstar which means I'm missing a few command figures for the Moors and some skirmishers for the Spanish. More importantly I don't have my army painter sprays and quick shade which I was kind of counting on to speed up the painting of the armies.

Anyway I'll give it a crack and see how I get on.

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