Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Two armies in nine days - part 6

Yesterday saw the first four units finished to completion with the bases finished off and a healthy dose of anti-shine spray the results aren't half bad (my poor photos aren't doing much for minis hopefully I'll do some proper ones when the project is complete) .

I finished painting the bases on the blackguard and have now dipped them. I also cleaned up based and primed 38 skirmishers (20 moors,8 Spanish) who will be tonight's work with some block painting.

Over half way through my allotted time now and still a bit to do including the 60 Moorish spearmen and archers....

Cheers Jon


  1. Nice work! Bases and shields specially!

  2. These are looking good.
    Looking forward to seeing the Moors.
    Was doubtful you'd make it in the alloted time but I'm impressed, keep it up!

    If you fancy using them in anger we've still got some places left for our El Cid event in October [/shamelessplug]


  3. Great sutff... impressive quality, especailly given the speed!

  4. Very good.

    I like the desert / scrub bases as well...sets off the figures really well.

    Those Moorish figures are good sculpts..I'd never heard of that range before.