Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Two armies in nine days - part 5

Yesterday's plans changed when I got home to find my parcel from Northstar had arrived I was really keen to try out the army painter dip (seemed like more fun than cleaning up and gluing moors to bases). So yesterday I dipped all the Spanish miniatures.

Well I say dipped I actually painted the dip on with a brush. My first thoughts when I'd finished was what the ^%$£"*)~?hell have I done I've just turned the whole army into a brown sticky mess. Now the dip has dried they still look pretty bad...however lots of people on the net have said it's the mat spray that makes this system work. So to give myself inspiration I finished off a wounded knight figure and sprayed him with anti shine and well he looks pretty good to me.

I also managed to put together and base coat my first Moorish unit this one being the elite blackguard...the fact that they are 80% black did speed up painting quite a lot. They just need their bases painted and then they can be dipped.

Today is a work day so tonight it's a toss up between basing the 80 remaining Moors of finishing of the bases on the Spanish and mat varnishing them...I haven't decided which yet.

Cheers Jon


  1. Keep at it, you're doing great! Every miniature I paint there is this point where I'm like "...this is crap, what did I do?!" but when it's done it looks totally great!

  2. The 'dipped' casualty marker looks great...which dip are you using?

    I'm thinking of getting some for the DA tribal figures to speed things up at the painting stage.


  3. Adeptgamer@ yes I have those moments to quite often when the dip first goes on though it just looks awful...still I finished all the spanish off tonight and they don't look to bad at all.

    Jim@ I went for the medium tone from army painter if your doing DA tribals I'd be tempted to go for the strong tone as the dip doesn't really show up on some of my darker browns.