Sunday, 19 August 2012

Two armies in nine days - The Almoravids

Here are my Almoravids ready to invade Spain and Ben Yusf's command. It ways in at around 1000pts in WAB consisting of

2 units of 10 bow armed skirmishers

3 units of 20 Berber spearmen and Archers (50-50 mix)

1 unit of 19 Blackguard (large shields)

1 general (on foot)

I gave the infantry white flags as (my limited research) suggests the Almoravids made white silk flags standard in the army handing out one flag per 100 men. Apparently sometimes they had the phrase "There is no god but god, and Mohammad is His Prophet" written on then so I did that with mine just to make them more interesting.

I've given the more veteran units more black clothing (most likely in reality a very dark blue) so the skirmishers are recent converts to the Almoravid cause and just have black head gear the infantry units add in sashes and trousers and the black guard are black with light coloured sashes.

All the Miniatures are metal and come from miniature design studio who sell warband packs of 50 miniatures for £25.00 which is outstanding value for such nice miniatures

I want to add some cavalry to this army and a mounted general. Some more skirmishers (with javelins) and some camel riders are also tempting as is painting up extra drummers for the infantry units to allow them to benefit from the special rules in the WAB El Cid book.

Cheers Jon