Saturday, 24 July 2010

Indiana Jones toys for AK-47

Hi all,
here are some pictures of some Indiana Jones toys that I picked up in Tescos for a couple of quid each. Their scale isn't clear but they look right with 15mm miniatures to me.
The first one is a German truck

They didn't require much work Indiana had to be removed and I took the box out of the back. Then it was just a simple re-paint. I rather like them they were dirt cheap and are very nice little models.
For this one I removed the blades and gave it a new paint job and it's now an armoured bulldozer for Lumatan pioneers. If it helps for scale comparison the miniatures with the trucks are oldglory 15mm moderns while the one with the bulldozer are irregular miniature 15mm modern soviets. Both these ranges are at the taller end of the 15mm scale.

Cheers Jon

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  1. Like the trucks..very good.

    I'll enjoy blowing them up at some point.