Saturday, 24 July 2010

Roman Auxilla

well the ancients project I started last Christmas is still moving along (very) slowly. I've finally got these two units of auxilla finished. All the miniatures are from warlord games mostly plastic except for the commands and two rankers which are metal. Under the Crusader rules these guys count as light infantry so I've based them three to a 40mm rendera plastic base. As usual there painted with a magic wash and then given some basic highlights.
As with previous units in this project my spare plastic models where hacked up and put back together with some green stuff to produce some casualty and disorder markers (one figure for casualty two figures for disorder) before being mounted on a washer.
The warlord games Auxilla are really nice my only quibble is that the spears/standards on the metal command are really thin and bendy I doubt they'll survive to many games before they need replacing. I would have preferred the option of command models in the plastic box set but sadly all 24 models in the box are rankers.
Cheers Jon


  1. Hi Jon, those are lovely - the guys who did all the real work. It's also good to see some hurting as well...