Sunday, 18 July 2010

I'm back

If anyone actually reads this blog they may have noticed things have gone rather quite in recent weeks. Sadly my aging PC decided to die a few weeks ago. After some rather worrying moments I managed to retrieve all the photos and important stuff but the PC was knackered. So I bought a new one (and very nice it is too). Sadly I still couldn't couldn't get online thanks to my out of date modem that wouldn't work with windows 7. My Internet provider (AOL) where spectacularly unhelpful so we swapped to a new IP. Sadly it takes up to 25 days to sort a change of provider. Still this weekend the family home finally got Internet back. Now apart from having to provide a new Internet address to all those websites you need one for I'm trying to workout what I've missed out on on the net in my enforced absence.

On the plus side I've had time to take stock of my hobby and make a few decisions on where it's heading more of which later.

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