Friday, 23 July 2010

Anglican league heavy support

Hi all,
having a broken computer has at least given me some extra painting time. So I thought
I'd post up pictures of my Anglican leagues new heavy support. A venerable old FT-17 with 37mm gun, no doubt shipped across the channel by some dodgy European arms dealer. True to form in it's first battle it was blown to pieces by a luck shot from a BUF heavy machine gun. The taken model is from force of arms in made of resin. The air recognition flag was added from tissue paper soaked in PVA.
Second up we have a WW1 vintage 13pdr gun. The gun is from Great war miniatures while the crew are from Gripping beast. to make them look like civilian militia I used green stuff to cover the puttees. The officer is from one of the great war miniatures command packs with a gripping beast spare head swapped for the original head. This gun too proved less than spectacular in it's first battle failing to stop the BUFs armour.
Cheers Jon

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  1. I can't believe nobody's commented on these. They're absolutely lovely! I especially like the way you've done the flag.