Sunday, 13 June 2010

Tickets Please!

Hi all,
thought I post up pictures of my finally completed Anglican improvised armoured train (God Hammer) that will run along the track between Swanage and Wareham providing support for the Anglican troops in Purbeck. Some more pictures and info on the train can be found here

Basically I've added a front carriage armed with a field gun in side an improvised armoured box and an troop carrying carriage with improvised armour and plenty of places to fire a rifle from. I also added a twin maxim on an A/A mount (scratch built) to an exsisting carriage to supplement the 3pdr QF naval gun I'd already fitted. I think that's it for this train (although I was looking at some pictures of BIG rail guns the other day trying to work out how to build one, so watch this space)

I do want to add a platoon (about 8-10 figures in WGW terms) of troops to carry in the troop carriage. To that end I've converted up a couple of officers wearing the uniform of a train guard. These two models came from a job lot from a bring buy at a wargames show which I'd bought because it contained some Artizan Thrilling Tales figures. I think they are Copplestone Darkest Africa Naval officers. I gave them larger caps and armbands from greenstuff and then just painted them up to look like train ticket inspectors. The rest of the platoon will be made up of railway workers probably from Empresses SCW range which has quite a few suitable figures IMO.
Cheers Jon

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