Friday, 29 July 2011

Sell swords

Well the Mordheim project continues but I haven't had much worth posting up on the blog. I've got two more human war bands in various stages of completion. I've started sticking together a fourth war band (Averlanders) using some Perry's plastics and a load of GW empire bits my mate Jim sent me (Cheers Jim!). I've also got half a dozen ruined building at different stages of construction.

In the mean time I've started trying to get back into painting at work on my lunch break. I have a paint station and a a very limited set (think black, white and some basic colours) of GW paints in my office. The pictures above are the results of this weeks efforts.

All the miniatures were found in my bits box. I've painted them up to represent various sell swords that Mordheim warbands can hire on. Starting at the top we have

1) A pit fighter - an old citadel Norse miniature with a Mordheim plastic buckler added.

2) A Warlock - very old citadel pre-slotta wizard sadly he was so old when I tried to bend his hand it broke off. So a rummage in the bits box brought out a new hand and a lantern.

3) An elf scout- A 5th edition GW wood elf. A bit chunky for an elf IMO but you can't beat the price.

4) A duelist - an old dogs of war miniature from GW.

5) A Freelancer an old Grenadier fighting man miniature

I mat sprayed these miniatures but they look a little flat now so I might go back and use some gloss varnish on things like the metal work and gems.

Cheers Jon


  1. Very nice work, I want them all! I'm jealous of your collection :)

  2. The Norse guy is a very old Citadel figure. I had a pack of barbarians with him in it: they were called Destroyer, Annihilator, and some other suitably macho name...