Saturday, 9 July 2011

Mordheim - building no.2 and first test miniature

Well I've had some good fun with the Perry's plastic WOTR mercenary box, I've spent a couple of evenings with my bits box and the perry figures and now have three fine mercenary warbands to prowl the ruined streets of Mordheim. There are a couple of shots of my first test paint job for my Marienburg warband. This guy is a swordsman henchman. I've gone for a blue and yellow colour scheme for this band which is quite striking and perfect for flashy Marienburgers.

Talking of Mordheim's streets I've put together another ruined building using the same techniques I described in my last post. Came out quite nice I think. I'm putting together a larger building in the form of a ruined inn as my next building. I'm also going to crack on and finish of the Marienburg warband to.

Cheers Jon


  1. Great painting. The building is really well done also.

  2. Love the buildings and the figure is excellent too...
    BTW do you know of any mechanisms for solo Mordheim play?