Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Mordheim Warband No1- Marienburgers

I finally finished these guys last night. As I said in a previous post the basis for these guys is the Perry miniatures WOTR mercenaries box set mixed with plenty of GW and other parts from my bits box. The only miniature that isn't from the Perry's box is the captain who is an old metal GW Mareinburg captain that I found in my bits box (bonus!)

Generally the GW parts (arms, heads and weapons) are a little bigger than the Perry's stuff but as long as your consistent with things like arms I think they look OK.

This particular band of ruffians are from Marienburg. In game terms Marienburger war bands have more starting gold crowns (600GC as opposed to 500GC) to start their initial war band
meaning you can have a few more men or snazzy wargear to start with.

I worked out a rough war band before I started sticking together and painting the miniatures which looks like this

1 captain -sword ,buckler,heavy armour

1 Champion -sword, buckler, light armour

1 young blood - helmet, halberd

2 marksmen - handguns, helmets

2 warriors - halberds

3 swordsmen - bucklers, swords

now I just need to finish the roster off with some names and fine tune the equipment and jobs a good'un.

Cheers Jon


  1. Excellent conversions making superb figures!

  2. Not that you were looking for tactical suggestions, but heavy armor is pretty expensive for what it does in Mordheim.

  3. Thanks guys.

    WQrobb - I know. The miniature is really nice and I wanted to use him. He's covered from the neck down in plate armour I just didn't feel I could class that as light armour. Also he can afford it with all his extra starting GCs.

    He also has a handgun on his back which he can't even have (at least not to start with).


  4. I love them! Can I cross-post them to with link to your blog and credit to you?