Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Mordheim - ruined building test piece

Here's my first piece of Mordheim scenery made just to try out some ideas and test my skills really. It's a simple two storey ruined house corner. The basic shell is foam core on a hardboard base. The upper floor is built from card with a balsa wood veneer. The street paving is made from a thin layer of filler left to semi dry and then paving stones were scratched in the filler with a sharp pencil. While the tiled floor is just squares of card glued onto the base.

While searching my scenery bits box I came across a bag full of the original plastic bits from the Mordheim box set (door,windows, ruined roof pieces and supporting wall pieces) which was a stroke of luck. So I've Incorporated a couple of windows and some corner wall pieces into this building.

The whole thing was given a liberal coat of homemade textured paint (pva, grey emulsion paint and floor tile grout) to give it some texture. The building was painted with various craft paints and household emulsion paints (much cheaper than using your good mini paints)

All in all I'm quite pleased with the result I'm going to need to do quite a few more though to fill an average 4x4foot Mordheim board. In fact I think the scenery will take longer than the warbands to do. One thing that does need careful thought is the amount of rubble /debris that goes into each building to much and it will become to hard to fit miniatures in to the ruins to little and the ruins will look far to clean.

Cheers Jon


  1. Excellent work Jon, very impressive!
    I have been scratch-building structures recently, but am too lazy to confine myself to a specific scale/era etc; so have made them 'generic' in appearance...:)
    Nice one, mate.

  2. I too have wrestled with the issue of too much rubble. I think you need to err on the side of discretion.

  3. that looks really nice, I remember a mordhiem board at my local store with loads of differant buildings all sorts of shapes and sizes, one thing you could do to get round the rubble is to make it seperate so you can move it about as you see fit?

  4. Lovely looking model.