Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Mordheim.......My new project.

Well after a good rummage through my rule books to decide what project to kick start my new (improved?) wargames collection with I've settled on Mordheim as my first project.

I use to play Mordheim a lot when it first came out and it is a great little game. For those of you going Mord..a what? Mordheim is a skirmish game set in the Warhammer world. The background story is that the great city of Mordheim has been struck by a meteorite turning it into a post apocalyptic waste ground in which various factions have sent warbands to loot the ruins.

As well as providing skirmish games of Warhammer between warbands of 5-20 models. Mordheim has an excellent campaign system, anyone who has played legends of the old west or pirates of the high seas by WH historical will know the system, that allows your warbands to increase in experience gaining new skills and equipment.

I decided that Mordheim fitted my new frugal criteria quite well

1) The figures are 28mm but no warband can have more than 20 models in it and most can only have 15 which keeps the cost down.
2) GW have all the resources as free downloads on their website (yes really!) even the rulebook
3) I don't have the original buildings from the box set anymore but I have loads of foam core and balsa to scratch build some city ruins.

All in all the project should stay relatively cheap. I was going to buy a box of GW Empire militia to build my first warbands but while I was looking at ebay I came across the Perry miniatures European medieval mercenaries box. The Perry's box has twice as many models armed with a variety of weaponry for £3 less than the GW box so I ordered a box (post free too!).

I've made my first ruin as a test piece and hopefully I'll post some pictures soon. The perry's box arrived today and I hope to build the three basic Human mercenaries warbands (Reikland,Middenheim and Marienburg) from the miniatures in that box.

Cheers Jon

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  1. Hopefully Blogger will work this time...
    All the very best with the new Mordheim project- I have the Perry box sittting on the bookcase and you have given me an idea...
    the figures are excellent looking and will paint up really well!

    All the best with your future and i admire your resolve and endeavours upon your family's behalf.
    best wishes