Friday, 17 September 2010

Warrior frogs - first unit

Well I've started on my WFB 3rd edition Slann army and have finished my first unit. These ten blowpipe armed venom tribe Slann are +1 missile elites (IE better shots) and all their attacks count as poisonous. Venom tribes are primitive jungle dwellers who sport highly colourful skin hence why these guys are bright read rather than the more usual Slann green. seeing as all but one of the miniatures in the unit are pre-slotta citadel miniatures (circa 1984) I think they've scrubbed up quite well.
The top three pictures are a couple of test pieces which I started to try out some paint schemes. The top model (standing on some severed heads) will most likely be my army general. while the second model is a minor mage/priest.
Plenty more models to come for this army. I'm currently working on a Slann spawn band using a variety of Slann purchased off e-bay. I've got some historical 28mm naked Aztecs from TAG to build a unit of slave troops. I'm working on another unit of blow pipers this time to be scouts. I'm also planning some Lizardman and pygmy auxiliaries too. Lots to do and I've still got those elves to finish as well.
Cheers Jon


  1. Jon, These look great. It's nice to see the classic Slaan making an appearance. Have you seen Eureka's new War Turtle for their line of warrior frogs. I know it's not in the Warhammer Armies book, but if I recall, 3rd Ed was prety flexible.

  2. Nicely done man,
    these are some of the better
    Slan Wariors I have come across.

  3. what company makes these figures? Great job with all of them.