Tuesday, 15 November 2011

NEWSFLASH - Zumatan Navy launchs new battleship

Zumatan Minster of Defence Mr Dod'g Gezzer reported today that the Royal Zumatan Navy has launched a new battleship ZNS Big Buoy (pictured above) on to Lake Bagombo. Mr Gezzer said "ZNS Big Buoy is the first in a series of new ships to be launched on to Lake Bagombo in a effort to curb the aggressive stance of neighbouring Mbote" Mr Gezzer went onto say " This new vessel is a feat of Zumatan engineering and includes no less than thirty coffee machines as well as some bloody big guns"

Mr Gezzer refused to answer rumours that ZNS Big Buoy is so large that it has stay in the middle of Lake Bagambo for fear of running a ground.

In further news Mr Gezzer also revealed that in a further sign of the close ties between Zumata and it's once colonial master the UK members of 22 regiment the infamous SAS have been in Zumata trainng a new Zumatan SAS troop for the last six months.

Finally Mr Gezzer denied that the launching of combined Zumatan Army Navy maneuvers in the region of Lake Bagombo is in anyway linked to the discovery of large amounts of natural gas by Mbote in the same area in the last few days. Mr Gezzer said " We have had these military maneuvers planned for several days and will be practicing naval assaults in the Mjuba Bay area."

Members of the press in the area reported a large Zumatan naval flotilla leaving port this morning heading towards Mjuba bay.


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