Tuesday, 22 November 2011

News Flash - Zumatan forces cross Mbote Border

BCC Correspondent Bob Beasley reports that Zumatan royal army forces crossed the Mbote border at 6.00hrs this morning. The Zumatan Royal Guard Division (pictured above) leading the way in their British made Centurion tanks. An hour before the Zumatans crossed the border targets on the Mbote side of the border were reported to have been subject to heavy artillery and air attacks.

Military analysts believe that Zumatan forces first objectives will be to secure the Npungwe river line and the town of Npungwe before striking south towards port Tchumba. Zumatan Naval force have also been reported to have been seen entering Mjuba bay and are expected to carry out naval landings south of port Tchumba.

General Henry "Big Buba" Chokwe (pictued above) who is in command of the Zumatan invasion forces held a press conference an hour ago. " Despite our best attempts at peace the left wing extremists of the Mbote goverment have forced us to act to protect both our country and our rights to the islands of Mjuba bay that belong to Zumata as set out in the 1896 treaty of London."

General Chokwe added "I have no doubt that highly trained personal of the Zumatan armed forces will bring about a swift and complete victory for Zumata."

More news to follow.

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