Wednesday, 16 November 2011

News Flash - Zumatan Air force launches raid on Mbote

BBC correspondent Bob Beazely who is currently in the Zumatan capital of Westchester reports today that Zumatan forces have launched a series of air raids today in retaliation for yesterdays naval clash in Mjuba Bay.

While the Zumatan air force launched attacks on several key targets along the Zumatan Mbote border. Royal Zumatan navy fleet air arm A-1 skyraiders launched a devastating surprise attack on Mbote naval forces based at Port Tchumba (see pictures above). Unconfirmed reports suggest that several ships and dockyard buildings have been hit and smoke can be seen rising above the city.

Reports of Zumatan army divisions seen leaving their bases around Westchester and heading towards the border have yet to be confirmed.

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