Wednesday, 23 November 2011

News Flash - Zumatan forces sieze border post of S'mosa

Reports are coming in from the conflict zone of Zumata/Mbote of a daring attack by Zumatan forces to sieze the river crossing of S'mosa. A Zumatan force code named force Jumbo and consisting of fast moving light armour supported by naval forces and helicopter borne Zumatan SAS seized the crossing after heavy fighting.

A helicopter coup de main to sieze the river crossing was quickly relieved by armoured cars and infantry in APCs. At the height of the battle an attempted attack by lorry mounted Mbote militia was stopped (see picture above) by accurate artillery strikes called in by a forward artillery spotter attached to SAS forces.

Despite the success of the operation Zumatan forces were forced to retire after Zumatan heavy armour, sent to relieve them, was delayed in fighting with M'bote armed forces further south.

More details to follow.

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