Thursday, 25 August 2011

Wizards tower

Well the summer holidays are proving to be very unproductive on the hobby front (I'm actually starting to think there isn't a time of year when I am productive to be honest)

However I have managed to produce some more Mordheim scenery. First up is a wizards tower. This is a resin piece I got of ebay. It was pretty nice striaght out of the box but I wanted to make it look a little more wizard like and less military watch tower like.

The battlements of the tower are a seperate piece so I decided to build an alternative roof for the tower (sutiably damaged for Mordheim). The roof is made of card and balsa on a hardboard base. the chimney (which you can't actually see in the photos doh) and extra window came from a pack of spares sold by the same company who made the tower and help to match my scratch built roof to the orginal building.

I can now have the tower set up with battlements or a roof depending on what I want the tower to represent. I have a few more buildings and bits finished for my Mordheim project which hopefully I'll get pictures of posted up in the next few days.

Cheers Jon


  1. Oh, very nice, Sir! You've done a tremendous job of wizardizing it. Most impressive! Love the roof - and can appreciate how long it took to get those slates right. Bravo!