Sunday, 28 August 2011

Middenheim Warband

Well here is my second Mordheim warband the Middenheimers. Like my last warband all these guys, bar one, are based on the Perry Miniatures plastic WOTR mercenaries with a extras arms and heads from my bits box. The Champion with the two handed hammer is a GW metal Mordheim captain I had in my bits box.

The Middenheimers are in concept a mix of Renaissance Germans and vikings two looks that are quite hard to put together in my opinion. To try and make the middenheimers quite wild looking I've used plenty of bearded heads (mostly from Warlord Games Celts) and wolf cloaks. I stuck with bows and halberds for their main weapons with hammers for the heros.

These miniatures have been through the wars already. Having painted them at work in my lunch break I bought them home to finish the bases. Sadly I didn't close the figure case probably and so they got a very bumpy road home on the back of my motorbike. When I got home I had a twisted pile of broken limbs and weapons and damaged paint work.

They sat on my painting table for a couple of weeks before I could muster the energy to try and put them right lots of glue, green stuff and paint later and they don't look too bad. Although there are still a few slightly wonky weapons and heads on them.

Cheers Jon


  1. Gorgeous war band Jon, I'm jealous! They look ready to rip up some opposition.

  2. Excellent warband- you have succeeded in geting the viking;german look just right!

  3. Nice work. You'd never guess they we're Perry plastic WOTR figures underneath all the beardy bits.

    You'll have to get me clued up on this Mordheim thing for a game or two?