Friday, 26 August 2011

House and stables

More Mordheim buildings. These two are resin buildings from ebay. They could have been painted and used straight from the box but this Mordheim so I figured a bit of Damage was in order. I don't know what resin was used but is was very soft and the buildings were hollow inside (probably why they were pretty cheap).

The top building is a barn which I put a big hole in the roof with a hammer. I added some balsa wood beams into the hole and painted the whole thing. Simply but effective (I think).

The second building is a house which I sawed in half (don't forget the dust mask). Although hollow the insides of the building was very rough with big lumps of resin. I sanded and cut away the worst and then added some detail like walls and floors to hide the rest. Plenty of rubble, balsa roof beams and a spare resin door where also added.

I don't think it looks to bad although the break in the house is a little to regular I think and needs to be more jagged. I still have the second half of the house so we'll see how that one goes.

Cheers Jon