Friday, 14 January 2011

Kampfgruppe HQ

At last I've finally managed to get my first painting of 2011 done and finished of my SS Kampfgruppe HQ for rapid fire.
As you can see it has six figures (all Valiant some converted), a Sdkfz 222 A/C (Airfix), a 37mm SP AA (Haswega), a radio truck (Esci) and a Stoewer car (ready to roll).
The HQ should also have a couple of supply trucks and a Bergpanzer, the trucks I'll do some time. As yet though I haven't found a reasonably priced (bearing in mind it's more of eye candy thing than a useful bit of kit) bergpanzer in 1/72.
Next up I've got a German heer infantry battalion to finish (half the infantry are nearly finished, but that still leaves all the support weapons and another 16 infantry) . I've also got my US armoured task force to do. I've put the yanks on a brief hold though while I wait for some stowage packs I've ordered to turn up. I'm using quite a few armourfast kits which while nicely priced and easy to put together are just to plain so I'm hoping the stowage will make them more interesting (and a bit more realistic).
Cheers Jon


  1. Looks great Jon. Is the SdKfz 222 crewman a valiant conversion?


  2. yes he is. I just cut his legs and lower arms off and glued him in.

  3. Those look great. Nice work.

    Where do you get your stowage from?

  4. Really nice phographs Jon. How do you get them to blow up so big?