Wednesday, 12 January 2011

First game of 2011

2011 seems to have coincided with my son finding some interest in dads little men. He tends to drift in an out of wargaming (well his only 9) but does own a space marine army for 40K (which I painted for him) and a small New kingdom Egyptian army for WAB which we painted together.

On Monday he decided he wanted a game so we went biblical I took my sea peoples and he took his NKE. both armies weighing in at a hefty 830 something points (We really must paint the rest up to have two 1500 pt armies)

My army had two warbands of 20 warriors, 10 Lybian skirmishers and four chariots one with my army general.

My sons army had two 10 figure archer units, 2 chariots one with his general, a unit of 8 axemen, a unit of 12 spearmen and a unit of 12 sea people mercenaries.

The game lasted five turns the first couple saw me heading towards his battle line under heavy bow fire that wiped out my Lybians. My warriors charged in and saw off his axemen but failed to rout his archers. Which in turn saw my warriors counter attacked by my sons sea peoples and chariots (in the flank) my warriors routed and where cut down. My chariots attacked and destroyed his chariots before failing to make any impact on his spearmen (losing 2 chariots in return). At that point I conceded as I was surrounded by hostile units (and it was my sons bed time).
The pictures above show the scene just before the start of the battle.
Cheers Jon

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