Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Roman cavalry

Hi all,
as is usual for me I've been sidetracked off the ancients project I started at the beginning of the year. However I finally got this unit of Roman cavalry finished. The miniatures are from Wargames Factory Roman cavalry set. I have to say the paint job on these is a bit sub-standard. I think the main reason is that the detail on these figures is very soft so it doesn't work to well with my chosen magic wash style of painting. A few other things I didn't like where
a) all the sword scabbards are empty even though most of the figures carry spears
b) the heads don't seem to fit to well giving some awkward poses
It's not all bad though the price is very good and the saddle cloth, horse and rider combo allow for the men to sit very tight to the horses with no horrible gaps. Also being plastic means conversions are easy. The three bottom pictures show my converted disorder/casualty makers which are all made from the basic box set.
All in all not the best Roman cavalry miniatures in the world but very affordable and easy to convert (if that's your thing). One last thing the shields are done with water slide transfers from the Warlord games Axillary infantry set as the shields from both sets are near as makes no difference in size which is handy.

Cheers Jon

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