Monday, 3 May 2010

Anglican League A/T gun

Hi all,
I've just finished my scratch built A/T gun for my Anglican League forces. Ever since I saw one in the flesh at Fort Nelson I've been interested in the Smith gun. The Smith gun was one of those quirky weapons that got made during the dark days after Dunkirk. At any other time it wouldn't have seen the light of day but Britain was desperate. Below for those who have never heard of the smith gun is a couple of links

Now of course the smith gun was to built to late to see action in our fictional VBCW. However I figured it was just the sort of eccentric weapons system that might have been built in the chaos of a 1938 civil war. So instead of the Smith gun I give you the Harman's Cross gun. Twelve of these guns where built at Foley's garage at Harman's cross during early 1938 equipping two A/T batteries for the Anglican League All Saints Brigade.
The gun is scratch built from plastic card, tube and cardboard. The crewman with the shell is a crusader miniature French resistance with his German sub machine gun removed and the shell and a new hand added with green stuff. The other crewman is a plastic figure that came with a 1920s model car (which is now an AA truck) he's roughly 28-30mm scale and fits quite well.
Cheers Jon


  1. Very interesting look for a weapon. Excellent scratch building Sir !

  2. Bonkers...

    ..yet somehow cool.