Monday, 31 May 2010

More Royalist Militia for VBCW

Hi all,
well I've been busily painting up my order from Musketeer Miniatures to add to my West Purbeck Royalist Militia force. I've decided to build my forces to Warhammer Great War TOE, I've already worked out some rough lists which I need to put into something more formal. Anyway here we have a company of two platoons supported by two improvised armoured cars. One platoon is equipped with spare equipment from Lulworth army camp including a Lewis gun and SMLE rifles. Second platoon have to make do with shotguns and sporting guns. Lord Encombe is with the battalion HQ. I still have more to add to this force including a company HQ, A standard bearer carrying Lord Encombe's personal banner, a field gun crewed by Lord Encombe's household staff and if I can some cavalry made up of members of the local hunt.
Cheers Jon


  1. Good stuff.

    Have you thought of using some Napoleonic, ACW or Crimean war figures for the hunt? If they had shell jackets you might get away with it by removing any swords etc and swapping some heads?

  2. How about the Perry plastic ACW cavalry?