Thursday, 20 May 2010

A few more VBCW miniatures

Hi all,
I've not been to productive on the painting front the last couple of weeks. Still I managed to get a few miniatures painted that I picked up at the MKWS show a couple of weeks ago. All of them (except the bottom one) have been painted up as Anglicans. The top and bottom pictures are Great War miniatures, pictures 2,3,4 are from Artizan while the four riflemen are North Star international Brigade from their SCW range. As usual I added the armbands with green stuff. I also changed a couple of the rifleman's helmet/berets into flat caps. The Lewis gunner was wearing gloves but I carved them off and re-built the shirt sleeves with green stuff. The top figure is my new version of Vicar George Mallard commander of the All Saints brigade. As a Vicar in military uniform I carved his tie off with a craft knife and added a green stuff dog collar.
My Musketeer Miniatures order finally turned up today so I can get on with adding to my Royalist Militia forces now.
Cheers Jon

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