Tuesday, 17 July 2012

More D&D miniatures part 1 - Random Monsters

I've been slowly painting up D&D miniatures both from the Legend of Drizzt game and from a big job lot of random miniatures I picked up cheap on ebay. I spent last night photographing the last few weeks work and to night up posting up various random monsters. So from top to bottom

1) Infernal armour - I couldn't find this model in my AD&D second edition Monsters manual but I figure it would make a very acceptable Iron Golem or Helmed Horror.

2) Blue spawn ambusher - I had no idea what this was a quick look on line told me it was some sort of D&D 4th edition dragon spawn (bright blue not being the ideal colour for an ambush predator IMO). I didn't like that idea so I just painted it up as some sort of giant horned lizard

3) Dire bear - Large mutant bear

4) Taer - My monster manual description of a Taer was "vile humanoids, live in caves, throw spears". Didn't give me much to go on so I followed the original colour scheme. I think I need a few more of these to make viable skirmish group.

5) Dark Naga

6) Ent - well it's not really an Ent it's a ???? ravager no idea what that is looks like a treeman to me.

7) Feral troll - this miniature is from the Legend of Drizzt game and is called a feral troll. It's way to big to be a normal troll IMO so after reading through my monster manual I decided it would be a giant troll which is what you get when a troll and hill giant decide to get jiggy with it (eeeggggh). Unlike a normal trolls , who are green, giant trolls have brown skin.

More pictures soon

Cheers Jon

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