Thursday, 19 July 2012

D&D miniatures re-paints - part 3 Drow

Right this is the last batch of my recent painting sessions this time the Drow evil elves of the underdark worshippers of the spider queen Lloth. Ever since reading the Drizzt novels I've been fond of Drow. Sadly cool as they are Drow aren't much fun to paint. The monster manual description is black skin, black clothes, black equipment eerrrr white hair doesn't give you much to work with on the painting front anyway...

... From top to bottom we have.

1) Drow preistess of Lloth

2) Yochlol demon - Handmaidens of Lloth

3) Dinn Do'urden Drider - Driders are what you get when a Drow upsets the godess Lloth half gaint spider half dark elf. This particular Drider is supposed to be Drizzt's brother Dinn although in the novels Dinn fights with two axes and not a sword.

4) Drow wizard

5) Draegloth - apparently this is what you get when a Glabrezu Deamon and a Drow preistess get it on.

6) Drow warriors

next up (when they're painted) more Drow, some Orcs and some adventurers

Cheers Jon


  1. I like the yellow blobby thing...very well done.

  2. I'm liking the re-paints, I've never seen these before and some would make for cool looking bad guys for various systems,