Wednesday, 18 July 2012

D&D miniatures part 2 - Devils and Demons

A few more D&D re-paints this time various denizens of the lower planes. From top to bottom we have

1) Barghast - nasty creatures that can be giant blue goblins or big canine creatures

2) Chaos creature - large lump of constantly mutating flesh

3) Rage Demon - can't find a description in my monster manuals so I'm going to use it as a hordling from the plane of Gray wastes

4) Spined devil - again I can't find a description so another (rather horrible) miniature to use as a hordling

5) Yugoloths - two Mezzoloths (insect like) yugoloth footsoldiers and a guardian yugoloth.

Next up Drow

Cheers Jon

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  1. look for the "Rage" demon under CARNAGE demon.