Sunday, 20 January 2013

Somerled project - Isle-men

 After a break over Christmas I've been back on the on the painting trail for a couple of weeks now... and at last some results. I finished off this first unit of Isle-men for Somerled's army this morning. These guys are going to be Somerled's elite Fianna (hence the armour). I've used miniatures from Gripping beast, Newline Design, Crusader, Heroes of the Dark Ages and a plastic Wargames Factory viking (the guy missing his head)

Now I'm not sure, in reality, there would be much difference between Somerled's Isle-men and The Norse of Mann but I've tried to give Somerled's troops a more Gaelic look because it's more fun that way.

Next up I'm going to paint up a unit of Gaels from the highlands.



  1. Very nice painting, Sir. A salute to you for some detailed patterns you've applied to these troops.

  2. Serious looking men- love the tartan

  3. Beautifully painted figures on very nice basing. Great mixture of figures too. What are they based for - Impetus? Best, Dean

  4. Great looking,well based figures who look like they mean business..

  5. Thanks guys.

    @ Dean At the moment I'm planning to use them with the Hail Caesar rules. I wanted to try multiple basing becuase I liked the examples of it I had seen on the net.