Tuesday, 5 June 2012

First D&D miniatures

Well the long weekend is over and I managed to put brush to miniature for the first time in ages so here are a few pictures of various D&D plastic miniatures from the legend of Drizzt and Heroscape games that I managed to paint (re-paint in the case of the Heroscape miniatures). I've taken a leaf out of the D&D miniatures line and left all the bases plain black as these miniatures have to operate everywhere from dungeons, to forests and swamps etc themed scenic bases wouldn't fit to well.

Something you don't normally have to do with fantasy miniatures is research ...However in the case of the D&D miniatures I spent a happy couple of hours re-reading my old AD&D 2nd edition Monstrous Manual to make sure I got skin colours and such like right(ish). So from top to bottom we have

1) Shimmergloom the Shadow dragon (Drizzt boardgame). Quite difficult to paint this one as the description says that shadow dragons look like errr... shadows. In the end I improvised some highlights in dark colours as I figured a black dragon on a black base was a bit boring. Not to impressed with the miniature either it was slightly miscast so the base is always crooked and for a dragon it's a bit small. In the Drizzt books Shimmergloom is big and scary.....this one isn't.

2) Ogre bully (heroscape) love this guy apparently yellow skin and green hair are all the rage in D&D ogres so that's how I painted this one.I think he turned out really well.

3) Ice troll (heroscape) Smaller more intelligent cold versions of normal trolls. I had improvise the skin colour on this troll as the description said ice trolls have translucent skin (a bit tricky to paint I thought) so I went with blue as suitably cold looking. This miniature has an insane warhammer ....

4) Frost Giant (heroscape)..Basically an over sized viking with blue hair and white skin. Great miniature to paint and very big.

5 and 6) Death Knights (heroscape) nasty undead knights...Nasty miniatures to. I did my best with the paint job but you cant polish a turd as the say. Unbelievably I saw number 5 in it's pre-painted D&D miniatures form going for £15.00 on ebay ?!?!

7) Hunting Drakes (Drizzt boardgame) Couldn't find a description of these monsters anywhere. Google threw up one small picture of the pre-painted version of these miniatures in a red and yellow colour scheme so I copied that.

Cheers Jon

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