Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Companions of the Hall

Managed to finish a few more miniatures from the Legend of Drizzt games this time Drizzt and his friends. Not overly loving some of these miniatures the picture at the top is from the first Drizzt book and I guess that is how I always imagine the Characters to look. Anyway from top to bottom we have

1) Drizzt Do'Urden the iconic Drow ranger - Not a bad representation IMO

2) Guenhwyvar Drizzt's magic panther - can't really go wrong with a black panther

3) Wulfgar the barbarian - not to bad but Ageis Fang (Wulfgar's magic warhammer) looks totally wrong to my eyes

4) Bruenor Battlehammer the Dwarf King - totally wrong for the early stories but probably a good representation of Bruenor as king of Mithril hall complete with missing eye.

5) Cattie-Brie Bruenors adopted human daughter - yuck horrible miniature with no facial detail doesn't fit my personal ideas of Cattie-Brie.

6) Regis (Rumblebelly) the Halfling - Seems rather well armoured for Regis...could be Regis as Regent of Mithril hall I suppose.

Cheers Jon

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  1. Dude! spoilers! I am just reading the books now after a long wait to borrow them.