Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Albion IV Imperial Guard

Finished these guys last night. Basically I wanted to do some Imperial Guard for 1st edition 40K the original 80s ones where a bit expensive on ebay .....the new GW ones where a bit expensive to. I did come across someone selling some Cheap Warlord games 28mm plastic British infantry on the sprue which gave me the inspiration for these guys. This is the test unit painted up and I think they work quite well.

The Warlord games weapons supplied were way to small for 40K (ie were in actual scale) so a raid of my bitz box furnished me with dozens of IG las-guns from past projects as well as numerous pistols and chainsaws. What I didn't have was any heavy weapons in the end I bought a pack each of Maxmini resin tesla cannons and grenade launchers. This gave me enough heavy weapons for a IG platoon in the 1st edition IG army lists. The Tesla cannons are going to proxy as conversion beamers.

Minimum units in a IG army for 1st edition is four tactical squads (10 men and 2 heavy weapons) plus a command section (5 men and 2 heavy weapons) an officer and commissar this comes to about 1100 pts. I want to keep my forces down to 1000pts though so I'm dropping a tactical squad (200pts for 10 guardsmen) and throwing in a ratling sniper squad to make up the points.

This means I need 35 guardsmen happily a box of warlord games plastic British has 25 miniatures which works out very well I'm toying with getting the commando box as I can then have some heads with berets as well as helmets.

Cheers Jon

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  1. You have officially lost the plot...

    ...they do look pretty good though.