Thursday, 15 December 2011

News flash- First sightings of M.O.B.

NBC news reporter Randy Love reports from Eastham northern Zumata

That large numbers of men and vehicles have been spotted leaving Zumatan army barracks just south of the town of Eastham heading towards the Mbote border. Reports suggest these troops are not Zumatan army but CIA backed Mbote exiles seeking to over throw the communist regime in Mbote and restore former president Bon T'luse to power.

More to follow.........


  1. Nice troops and armor! If I were living on the border, I'd leave my machete and RUN! Looking forward to of the story".

  2. Loving the puns, Mr Jon - looking forward to seeing how this minor disagreement unfolds...

  3. Nice wheels!

    Is that a diecast or a plastic toy?

    Looking forward to a game in the new year!

  4. Have just purchased some Peter Pig AK47 goodness.......