Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas goodies

Well Christmas day is gone the kids have come down from a code 10 mega - hyper to a slightly more controllable code 9 very- hyper. Boxing day is when we traditionally go to my wife's parents for a few days and re-live Christmas day all over again.

Before I find myself cut off from the Internet for a few days I thought I list this years hobby Christmas prezzies. Not a lot this year, due to the financial climate, cuts have been made and like most parents the kids came first. The wife and I stuck mainly to sensible presents like clothes. However I did get a couple of hobby things.

A copy of Chris Peers in the Heart of Africa rules and the accompanying Army list book. Which were needed in light of my plans to do more African colonial stuff in 2012

A couple of Warhammer Ancients Army books El Cid and Spartacus. I don't really play WAB any more but I like the army books which are always a good read and these ones where going cheap as GW had a sale on Warhammer historical stuff before Christmas.

My mum and dad give me a few quid which has been ring fenced for a hobby purchase not sure what yet though as there are so many things I'd like and so little cash these days.

The big present though is a copy of GW Dreadfleet from my in-laws ( I haven't actually had yet but I should get it today). I'm not normally a fan of modern GW but this game called out to me both because I loved Man'O'war back in the day and because it is a one off game with everything in the box (so I won't need to by anything else).

Right I'm off to get ready to spend a few days with the in-laws eating and drinking and watching lots of sub standard christmas telly.

Cheers Jon

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  1. I be jealous of this. I got into Uncharted Seas and regret it. The models were fun to paint but between the inability to find an opponent and the inability of Spartan games to stop revamping it so quickly it is useless to me. I've played Dreadfleet once and it is a nice nice game!