Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Something random - sci-fi scout

Well the good news is I got loads of painting done this bank holiday weekend the bad news is it was the master bedroom and not my miniatures that got the paint applied.

However I did convert and paint this Old Crow Rebel light utility vehicle as a light scout vehicle. This model was part of an ebay lot from about a year ago that has just sat in my bits box. Totally on a whim the other night with a couple of spare hours (when I should have been painting Celts) I added a few bits from my bits box.

The gun was built from a GW guard auto-cannon with an Old Crow gatling barrel plus varous bits of plastic from my bits box. I also added some stowage from the bits box and some headlights from an old GW Rhino model.

I sprayed the model with green and brown humbrol sprays in a two tone scheme and then dry brushed them up with lighter green and brown. After that I just went mad on the wear and tear and weathering using washes and drybrushing. I then added some spare decals from old model kits and weathered them as well.

I think it came out pretty well I'm tempted to get a few infantry to with it now.

Cheers Jon

1 comment:

  1. Very nice looking model! Is it 15mm or 25/8mm?

    Agree though that you now need to do some infantry to man it!