Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Hail Caesar!

Well I final got something painted this last bank holiday weekend after what seems like weeks of hobby inactivity (holiday,in-laws coming to stay,work,kids sports etc etc). It felt rather nice to be getting the old brushes out I must say.

Anyway as you can see I've painted some Britons (a mix of Warlord games and wargames factory plastics). I've been rather inspired by my holiday to Wales and the release of Warlords Hail Caesar Rules to try and get my Roman and ancient British armies finished after a long lay off.

I've got a copy of hail Caesar on pre-order with Amazon much cheaper than buying it elsewhere but sadly taking a lot longer to be delivered.

Working on some British Light cavalry now hopefully this will be the start of a more productive hobby as so far 2011 has been pretty poor.

Cheers Jon


  1. They look excellent!

    There must be a good size comparison between the Warlord figs and the Wargames Factory ones cos I can't tell which one is which

  2. Cool.

    If you want an easy victory, I'd be up for a game of HC! at some point.

  3. they look really nice, what is the quality of the wargames factory stuff though, and judging by your pics they fit in really nice

  4. Wargames factory miniatures really aren't as good as the warlord games ones. The weak point on WF is the heads IMO. However to get more variety I made hybrids mixing heads, bodies, arms,legs and weapons size wize there is nothing in it style wise there is.

  5. Hi Jon

    I've put you on my "style list" have a look


    cheers Ant,

  6. Well everyone agrees with Spencer so I'll be painting the chamber a different colour, I'm thinking a dark green base with extreme highlights,company logo design