Monday, 22 November 2010

German 37mm SP AA gun

Not a very productive weekend due to family commitments but I did get this Hasawega SP 37mm AA gun done. I figured as the club has plumped for late NWE my Germans will spend a lot of time being bombed and strafed by allied air power so some mobile AA is in order. I found this kit in my plastic kit box it must of been there a while as the price sticker was from Beatties a chain of model/toy shops that went bust many years ago.
The kit is quite nice but the crew supplied with the kit where horrible (helmets looked all wrong, static poses and massive size differences) so I decided to convert up some spare Valiant Germans to crew the gun. The two seated figures where the worse requiring some chopping and green stuff work. All in all I quite like it. Next job is to finish of the heavy weapons for my first Panzer grenadier battalion.
Cheers Jon

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