Thursday, 25 November 2010

First panzer grenadier battalion for rapid fire

Well finally got my first battalion finished for rapid fire. This one is supposed to be a battalion of 20th panzer grenadier regiment 9th SS panzer division. The miniatures are 1/72 Valiant Germans from both the Germans in Normandy and classic Germans boxed sets.
It's a pretty standard Rapid Fire set up three companies of infantry (8 miniatures each) an HQ (six miniatures) and a machine gun company (9 miniatures 2MMG and a 120mm mortar). Of course it's not quite finished as they are missing the battalion's trucks but those will have to wait until payday.
Next up is a German infantry battalion to represent troops from the 716th static Division.
Cheers Jon


  1. Very good, if a little intimidating? ;o)

    I really need to get started on the 5th DCLI!