Saturday, 17 April 2010

West Purbeck Royalist Array for VBCW

Hi all,
Things have been quite on the hobby front over Easter with family holidays, a spot of DIY etc. However I've managed to make a start on my next VBCW force. The West Purbeck Royalist Array is the private army of the royalist Peer John Scott Earl of Encombe. The Array consists of Purbeck royalist gentry and their tenants and servants. Armed mostly with sporting guns and shotguns I plan to add a few better armed members with proper military firearms to.

Above the Earl of Encombe and his followers. A mixture of Gripping beast, crusader, Artizan and Great war miniatures.
(Above) A couple of Gripping beast figures with added green stuff arm bands and monocle.

(Above) All of the Gripping beast hunting party figures

(Above) An Array officer (musketeer IRA figure) and an Artizan thrilling tales figure, again with added greenstuff armbands.

(Above) a couple of Crusader miniatures from the WW2 french line. the one on the left has had his beret turned into a flat cap with greenstuff. While the one on the right has had his helmet removed and replaced with a green stuff flat cap.

(Above) The Earl of Encombe a Great War miniatures mounted officer with added greenstuff bushy beard. That's it for now at least until my order from musketeer miniatures turns up with the rest of the Array.
Cheers Jon