Monday, 5 April 2010

Capture the guns! a VBCW battle report

Hi all,

thought I'd post up a battle report of my first VBCW game. This one was a solo effort using the Warhammer Great War rules (which worked rather nicely). Sadly as I'm just starting out in VBCW I don't have enough figures painted yet so my RCW partisans found themselves standing in as the MAD (Marxist Army of Dorset).

The Anglican League forces (the Swanage rifles) consisted of two platoons, a company HQ (led by the Reverend G. Mallard) and an improvised armoured car, as they where the attackers they also got a pre-game barrage.

The MAD forces (1st battalion Poole dockers) consisted of two platoons, a company HQ (led by Commissar Blake) and a HMG team. The field gun was just an objective in this game and was assumed to be dug in as a coastal battery to protect the entrance to Poole harbour so wasn't usable by the defenders.


In early 1938 Anglican league forces rose up against government control in Dorset, seizing the the Isle of Purbeck. The commanders of the newly formed All saints Brigade where faced with two problems in the west of Purbeck several wealthy land owners had formed a royalist militia and joined with government forces out of Lulworth and Bovington army camps to recapture Purbeck. Meanwhile in the east Communist forces had risen up and seized Poole and surrounding territory forming the Marxist Army of Dorset (MAD).

In attempt to control the entrance to Poole harbour MAD forces had crossed over to studland and dug in several coastal gun batteries as well as fortifying the Studland peninsular. Anglican league commanders felt that they could not tackle the western royalist forces with out clearing hostile MAD forces from their rear. To this end 1st battalion (Swanage rifles) of the All saints brigade was order to recapture Studland in early April. The first clash came on the 4th April 1938 as Anglican forces attempted to capture a MAD coastal battery.

Turn 1-2

The morning still was shattered by the sound of falling mortar shells as the Swanage rifles support company mortars opened up with a barrage to proceed the attack. Most of the mortar rounds landed well short of their target but one stray round landed right in the middle of commissar Blake's command group casing causalities and forcing Blake and his comrades to eat dirt as they cowered from the barrage.

The Anglican league forces moved down the valley towards the coastal battery that was their objective. The improvised armoured car racing ahead only to be be shot up by the MAD HMG on the hill resulting in the total destruction of the armoured car. The HMG then turned it's attention on 1st platoon and the company command post of the Swanage rifles sweeping the area with HMG fire. 1st platoon survived unscathed but the company command post was all but destroyed leaving Reverend Mallard all on his own.

Meanwhile second platoon Swanage rifles rushed forward to take up a position along the stream bank to give covering fire for first platoon as they assaulted the coastal battery. Second Platoon Poole dockers battalion started to move along the base of the ridge line that run along the rail track in an out flanking manoeuvre.

Turns 3-4

Having moved into position second platoon Swanage rifles opened fire on 1st platoon Poole dockers battalion both sides had Lewis guns and caused causalities, however the Swanage rifles got the upper hand with increasingly accurate rifle fire. Stung by their causalities the MAD platoon broke and fled despite the presence of commissar Blake and his broom handled Mauser right behind them. Meanwhile 1st platoon Swanage rifles found themselves face down in the dirty under heavy and accurate HMG fire from the MAD HMG on the hill despite the presence of Reverend Mallard the 1st platoon refused to move. Second platoon Poole dockers battalion moving into position for a flank attack using the hill ground to shield them from enemy fire.

Turns 5-6

The MAD HMG switches fire fire from 1st platoon Swanage rifles to second platoon across the stream in order to try and silence the second platoons Lewis gun. Taking advantage 1st platoon rush the HMG and survive being raked at close range by the HMG as well as flanking rifle fire from 2nd Platoon Poole dockers battalion. Getting into close range 1st platoon send in a barrage of hand grenades and petrol bombs destroying the HMG. Meanwhile second platoon Swanage rifles switch from firing at the gun battery to dueling it out with 2nd platoon Poole dockers battalion in a long range fire fight which causes a steady trickle of casualties for the rest of the battle.

Turns 7-8

Having destroyed the MAD HMG the remnants of the Swanage rifles 1st platoon lead by Reverend Mallard attempt to assault the gun battery. Sadly a counter attack by commissar Blake and his command group stop them at the wire. Having taken heavy casualties 1st platoon break and Reverend Mallard is forced to call off the attack Leaving MAD forces still in control of the gun battery. Victory to MAD

Cheers Jon


  1. Great looking game - souods like it was fun! And you got your new train on the table.

  2. Thanks for posting -super looking figures and terrain. An interesting account.

  3. Very nice terrain and an excellent write up.

    Nice wargames room too!

  4. lovely looking game!
    I am surprised that the studland nudist militia did not intervene with a surgical strike of dynamite packed volleyballs.
    nice to see my birthtown getting a mention in vbcw. even if it is in the hands of the reactionary god botherers.