Monday, 1 March 2010

AK-47 Royal Zumatan Navy

Hi all,
been a while scene my last post but I've been busy finishing off another army for my Zumatan Dictatorship the Royal Zumatan Navy. For years I've admired all those WW2 D-Day you see at wargames shows and in glossy wargames mags. So when I saw the rules for Boats and river craft in the AK-47 rules I was struck road to Damascus like and decided to do a navy. Like all AK armies there are five units
Unit 1- Professionals (1st troop Zumatan SAS)
x4 S/A bases, x1 transport helicopter (Wessex) air support from fleet air arm Cessna
unit 2 - Regulars (Royal Zumatan Marine commandos)
x4 S/A bases, x2 LVTP (MG)
Unit 3 - Militia (Royal Zumatan Navy sailor's landing party)
x10 S/A bases, x3 LCA landing craft
Unit 4 - Regular (HMS Cleopatra jet powered patrol boat)
counts as x2 A/C one with tank gun one with A/A gun
Unit 5 - Regular (PTB 212 ex ww2 us)
counts as x2 A/c one with tank gun one with an A/A gun
As well as painting up the units I made three army specific objectives in the form of some bunkers to capture.
Miniatures are a mixture of Peter Pig and Skytrex. Both ships are old Heller model kits. the Landing craft are conversions of 1/76 Airfix pontoon bridge boats. The air support are cheap toy die casts. The marine LVTP in full and waterline versions are from peter pig. The armies not quite finished as I haven't painted up any dead markers yet and I need to paint up four sailor heavy weapon bases form the political charts.
As any army I doubt this will be very effective, and the rules and scenery may needed fudging. After all I can't really defend with this army and the table needs a large body of water. I'm also tempted to use the the artillery support rules from the Lebanon supplement to represent naval gun fire and shore batteries.
Anyway enjoy the pictures.
Cheers Jon

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  1. Call that a navy!

    The Nbuto coastguard could see that lot off before it was time for their early morning croissant and coffee.

    Very nice.

    I like the pontoon boat conversions...I would have just used them as is, with perhaps a 50 cal for firepower and a conning tower. Yours are much better.

    Good stuff.

    Let me know when you'd like me to sink them with my helicopter gunships ;o)